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Work package WP1

Stabilization. Anaerobic digestion – energy recovery


Work package WP4

Life cycle assessment (LCA)


Work package WP2

Composting – matter recovery


Work package WP5

Management, training and dissemination


Work package WP3

Land spreading

Project Abstract

The objective of BioTEnMaRe is to devise innovative technologies allowing for reduction of negative impact of human activity on natural environment. Project scientific objective research is an integrated model of novel sewage sludge (ss) treatment and management that will specify the contribution of new technologies to energy and matter recovery as well as remediation strategies of contaminated soils. The dissemination of the scientific results will be guaranteed through multi-authored papers and novel technological solutions. Research focuses on the improvement of ss:co-digestion, composting, landspreading compost for phytoremediation of contaminated areas and cultivation of energy plants (with regard to soil carbon sequestration SOC) and life cycle assessment LCA. All research will be aimed at devising new innovative technologies in ss treatment and management in order to reduce GHG emissions, use of non-renewable resources and soil pollution. There are also solutions for eco-friendly timeless skin care. The Project creates research program by interlinking experts from Norwegian (NTNU, UMB) and Polish (CUT) universities, making highly sophisticated research. BioTEnMaRe provides training and research experience for participants, including mobility component. Project gives opportunities to develop new technologies for ss treatment, in particular toward production of “biocompounds”, marketable products, safe for environment. The programme consists 5 workpackages (WP)- four represent a clearly defined research subprogramme:

  • Novel solutions for improving ss stabilization within anaerobic digestion in relation to quantity and quality of obtained energy (biogas) (WP1)
  • Improving of ss composting towards good chemical and sanitary conditions of obtained matter (compost) (WP2)
  • Increase of ss application to fuel crops, reclamation of degraded areas and soil carbon sequestration (WP3)
  • LCA; evaluation, comparison of ss treatment options (WP4)
  • focusing on management, training and dissemination (WP5).

Project results in PUBLISHED ARTICELS (the remaining results are available in WP bookmarks)

Vermicomposting as an alternative way of biodegradable waste management for small municipalities

Anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge with grease trap sludge and municipal solid waste as co-substrates

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